About the Designer

My name is Caroline Korowicki, originator and owner of Above & Beyond Design, Inc. I am currently the designer, salesperson, and project manager rolled into one. I am a perfectionist to a fault, and I strive for all of my completed projects to be no less than the very best they can be, always. My strongest positive personality traits are: possessing a creative mind, the desire to please to the fullest, and always going above and beyond all expectations of my clients and of myself. The ability to portray visions and ideas in forms of architectural plans and artistic renderings is a gift I have been blessed with, and I have been a determined artist since I first picked up a pencil at age two. I am so fortunate be able to use this wonderful tool to express myself, be of a benefit to you, all while doing what I love best.

Activities include running, biking, outdoor activities with the kids, and traveling. My husband and I are members of Eastview Christian Church, where we have attended for 9 years. I am happiest and feel most fulfilled when my clients are pleased and I believe I am doing everything I can in helping make their dreams come true; but above all, fulfilling what I believe is my purpose here on Earth.

Career History

I began my career in 1995, working for Knapp Kitchens and More located in Forrest, Illinois. It was working there for eight years that I learned the basics of kitchen and bath design, simple architectural drafting, interacting with clients, understanding cabinet manufacturing and installation, and began designing and selling kitchen and bath projects. Projects included travels to locations outside of the Midwest, learning at a young age the wealth of various design and architecture styles, and communicating with a diverse clientele base.

In 2003, I relocated to Bloomington, Illinois and was offered a position of employment with M.L.Fowler & Co. As design and marketing director, I took on the role of assisting a small custom cabinet manufacturing business in meeting the needs of its dealers nationwide. In this position, I gained much insight into the behind-the-scenes manufacturing procedures and technical means, which would later prove to be extremely beneficial in the design process.

After determining that my passion was working directly with the customer and helping them complete projects from start to finish, I began working for myself in 2004, DBA Caroline Bell, for my own clients. I concentrated mainly on the Chicago land market at this stage, focusing on larger and grander new construction homes and high-end remodel projects, as well as some commercial work in Carmel, Indiana. I was learning to manage projects singularly, as well as providing a much better value to the client because of a low overhead cost. I found that this suited my lifestyle and provided great flexibility to better assist my clients individually, and to give them all that they deserved. I was able to provide forward-thinking magazine quality designs, at a better value, giving them more for their money.

The Birth of Above & Beyond Design, Inc

In 2006 I began focusing more on projects towards home: the Bloomington, Peoria, Springfield and greater Midwest area. With my business rapidly growing in the Bloomington and Normal area, I soon found it necessary to move into my current studio location at 808 South Eldorado Road in Bloomington. In 2007, my business name, Above & Beyond Design, Inc, was finally, formally established and I incorporated the business in January of 2007.

Fun Fact

When referring my business, most past clients aren't even sure what my business name is; they generally refer me by my personal name. I take that as a compliment. Most of my clients also become my very good friends. If you already have too many friends, don't hire me! I love people, and will genuinely do my very best to please you. The design process is very intimate, and I enjoy spending time learning about you and your family on a personal level so I can bring you the very best possible solutions and designs. If you want exceptional, forward thinking designs, and want to have a little fun while we're at it, I am the designer for you!

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